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I Called A Girl Beautiful, And I Get Called A Racist.

If any of my followers also follows stankface, I think you’ll have an idea what I mean. This relates to their post here: [click]. Now, I’m going to present my side of the story, if you’d like to know.

Firstly, what happened?

You can read the post I linked above. Basically, I watched a TV show, where the actress, Nicole Beharie, I found beautiful. So I tagged a post saying she’s beautiful, and that I’m quite amazed because I’m not usually romantically attracted to a dark skinned person (though I have to admit I did say ‘black’ which would have offended) to the point that I am a fan of them.

Now, people are making a big deal over this sentence. Before I continue, I want to ask you, where do you live? Are you living in a place where you can get a lot of exposure/contact with people of a lot of race? Because I don’t.

Then, what’s the matter with you (felisselita)?

First off, you probably thought I’m white. No. I’m an Asian. I live in a relatively poor country in Asia, where it doesn’t attract people to work, and subsequently, to migrate and live here….

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"The thing is, it’s just skin color I’m talking about. And hair color, or eye color, etc… It’s not the personality or the overall subjective quality of the person. It’s just the same as saying ‘I really like muscly men’ or ‘I really like girl with thin legs’ or ‘I don’t really mind tall girls…

African? I said nothing about all African. And yes, I know there are regional differences too in Africa, the way there is, in my home country. And like I said—do you judge people’s humanity or ability from how much they romantically interest you, then? There is difference between regarding some people romantically attractive, and, 'not a human'. Not everyone can be romantically attracted to everyone, for example, some people can be romantically interested to any gender, but some men are only interested in women, or some women are only interested in men, and can have no problem with those who are interested in anyone.


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